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Final Assembly

Final Assembly, or the "finish room",  is the last portion of the production line at Unique Motorcars factory. We put the finishing touches on each car in this area of the plant. The "turnkey" cars are built here. Unique does their own paint work, interior work, and handles the final finish of complete cars down to the last detail of quality accessory items. This ensures Unique Motorcars commitment to quality in every Cobra* Replica  we build.


This car has been painted, and the chassis is almost ready to accept the body. Then the interior and final installation of accessories will take place.

These cars are in the "finish room". They are either complete or being completed and detailed for delivery to the customers.


This car is beginning to be prepared for primer and paint.

It is in primer coats, ready to sand and get the color base coat. We use only PPG brand base coat/clear coat paints. The finest you can buy at any price.

In the shot below, the car has been panted, the dash has been installed along with some trim, such as the windshield and lights.

The same car is seen in the cockpit area, and the body is on the chassis.

 Here is the same car after the paint work has been rubbed out and polished.

And finally, the car outdoors after being completely finished as a turnkey.


The chassis below is ready for the body to put on the frame. This car will be a 427SC with a big block dual carb engine. It has the optional rear Carrera coilover suspension.

Here we see the body hanging in the hoist dolly ready to be lowered onto the chassis. After it's bolted onto the chassis, the final assembly of interior and trim is added.

You can see Maurice Weaver directing the crew as they lower the body into place.

Dad Weaver looks on (on the far right).

A skilled craftsman now has the body in place and is starting to add more detail parts to finish this car.

Below we see the same car after many parts have been installed.

You can see the ivory colored dashboard on this 427SC. The interior will be in matching ivory leather.

This car will have the optional soft top and the side curtains are already in place.



Unique always has several company owned cars on hand for our customers to look at, and sit in, and generally "try on for size". Both our 427Model and 289 Model cars are on display so you can see the differences between the two models of cars. Below are the two models (these are linked to the pages describing these models. Click on either image).



Unique Motorcars offers demo rides by appointment only, weather permitting. Our regular business hours  are Monday  through   Friday, 8 AM  till 4 PM, central  time. Saturday, may also be arranged by special appointment only. We  will  look  forward  to  giving  you a  ride you'll remember!

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