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Sales Showroom and Offices

When you first enter the building, you are in our show room. One of the Weaver family will greet you from the offices immediately behind the show room. We have no sales personnel on premises or on telemarketing, only family. Our cars sell themselves by our reputation and word of mouth from our satisfied customers. Here's part of the reason below.


Here's Maurice Weaver busy on the computer. But he is never too busy to greet a customer and make you feel you are part of the family!

The car you see below is a 427 model that features an Ernie Elliott Ford 358 Windsor C.I.D. small block engine of over 625 HP. This car turns 1/4 mile elapsed times in the low 10 second range and is capable of top speeds in excess of 180 mph. If this is not the car in the show room, another finished car will be there for your review. We always have several finished cars available for demonstration purposes.  Be sure to look around the show room at some of our trophies that are displayed on the walls.


This concludes the sales floor and offices tour, next, is the Fiberglass Shop (please click here to continue the factory tour).

Call or write us for a color brochure and prices, $5.00 (this amount is then credited upon your purchase of a kit or turnkey car).