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Component Shop

The Component Shop rebuilds the Jaguar Dana Spicer independent rear ends used in the Unique Replicas. They also rebuild the top loader transmissions we use (if we supply). The shop is responsible to have the proper parts ready for installation when a kit is assembled per the customer requirements on the order form. The Griffin aluminum radiators, rack and pinion units (which are new), rear ends and all components must be ready on time to maintain schedules.


Our expert technician rebuilding one of the Jag rear end center sections.

Next you see our supply of rebuilt rear ends ready to go into kits now in production. Some of the rear units are "narrowed" to use with pin drive wheel adapter units.

This is a FE "big block" with dual 4 barrel carbs awaiting it's turnkey car.

Below is our supply of Griffin aluminum radiators ready for production installation in our kits.

This is a rebuilt top loader 4-speed transmission. We rebuild these units in our shop also. They are available as an option on turnkey cars. This is the "original equipment" transmission in the original cars. We use the authentic "bent" shifter with 427 Models that you can see in this picture. These are very solid transmissions that can stand big horsepower engines and keep on ticking!

This concludes the Component Shop tour, next, the Final Assembly Shop (please click here to continue the factory tour).